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All About Jaja Swab

Band Journal
Jaja Swab

How it all began...

Although Jaja Swab was thrown together all on one afternoon, it has lasted longer than anyone thought it would.  It was expected (even by members) that the band would play a show or two, and fall apart... this was not the case.


Alex Smith knew of another band at the school he attended that was called The Vigilantes (formally Clearly Blind) and while asking around, discovered that they planned to play a small concert at Tri County High School.  He talked it over and received permission to open for them; the only problem was that he wasn't in a band.  He mentioned it to John Brooks several days later and asked him if he was interested in starting a band while they were jamming together, and he was very excited about the idea.


Immediately other possible band members began to surface.  Other musicians were not even considered, it was known right from the start that Alec Wilson would play bass guitar, and his brother Jon would drum.  Of course they agreed to the idea.  The only problem now was the lack of a singer.  John Brooks suggested Mike Todd, another friend from school, and Mike was invited in.


Now that the band was formed, the real work began.  Jaja Swab was not known by anyone (and went under the band name Iron Blimp because of their love for Led Zeppelin), and none of the members had ever seriously played together, meaning they didn't know any songs at all.  The band managed to put a small set list together, enough songs for an opening act, and played the gig.  It went great, and it was obvious that the band would be staying together.

Problems still arose though. Soon it became apparent that Mike was having a difficult time making it to practice, and was not fully committed to the band.  Distance continued to grow between him and the rest of the band until he was finally unanimously voted out by all of the other four members of the band.  Alex Smith and John Brooks now sing in Mike's place.