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Alec Wilson

Band Journal
Jaja Swab

D/O/B: 6/01/89
Height: 1/3rd of a climb up Kilamanjaro (yes, even before you get to the top of his hair)
Weight: .00004 g (Alec is made up of various gases)
Status: M.I.A.
Special Fact: Alec Has beaten Alex at everything in life besides exiting the womb, playing guitar, and the 8th grade regional spelling bee.

Alec Wilson is the bass player behind all songs that Jaja Swab plays.  He is the long haired hippy brother, and is always willing to jam.  His dad is a music teacher, and has taught Alec all the tricks in the book towards making thick juicy bass lines, and how to lay them down like a pro. 


The master of Jaja Swab's bottom end uses a Fender Jazz Bass, and a Ampeg head w/ a Hartke 350 watt cab.  He also usually has a pencil handy so he can do homework in between songs.  Yep, this kid has a brain on him.