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Band Journal

Band Journal
Jaja Swab

Sorry we haven't been on here to update in a while.  Everybody is off working.  I just got back from a mission trip in South Dakota and we've all been busier than beavers trying to damn up the mighty mississippi.  We'll get back to business soon here though.  Thanks for checkin us out!

Thanks for all who attended the battle of the bands and supported our victorious act.  We had a lot of fun.  Copies of our CD "Dutch Treat" will be available soon! Talk to us to place a reserved order or something.

Today I am sad to report that Jaja Swab has permanently broken up for undisclosed reasons.... HA!! APRIL FOOLS!!! Actually I am very excited to tell all of our die-hard fans that Jaja Swab is going into the recording studio this Wednsday and Thursday.  Everybody should purchase a copy of "Dutch Treat" when it is released. Further information is to be released soon.
- Jon Wilson


Well, today was another uneventful day... except Jaja Swab rocked out for the entire school with a brand new song!  It went over great too, everybody was on their feet cheering.  The entire band performed great.  Alex also played a great version of The Star Spangled Banner for everybody at the basketball game later that night.   We should be going into the studio soon to record this song (Dutch Treat) along with others for an upcoming CD.  Also, we will be playing in an upcoming "battle of the bands."  More info on that later.

- John

1/1/06 again

Alex really hit the nail on the head there, we played very well, although some things didn't go as planned.  Alec really rocked the place with his new bass rig, and I would have to say Alex's singing was great.

- John


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaja Swab played a set at Cadillac's First Night celebration.  We dished out some of our fresh new songs, and I personally feel great about what we are doing.  Work is soon to be done on our album, and before you know it, you will be able to take Jaja Swab with you everywhere.

Jajaswab just had the best and most productive practice ever. And we've been around for a while now, like a year. And for all you diehard fans, this means you'll soon be witness to the Jajaswab experience. That is the only word to describe it, it will be pleasure for your ears.
Rock on

I have recieved recent news that all the women on this planet think I look similar to Tom Cruise and they think I am very sexy
- Jon Wilson

Turkey Day
Greetings fellow Jaja Swab disciples.  If you've been following us, your probably wondering "what the heck are you guys doing?" and I am here to answer your questions.  We are playing a gig up in Cadillac on New Years Eve with a band called The Sons of Caleb.  Atleast, this is what I have been told. If this is not your band's name, then why aren't you playing with us? You could be basking in the glorious limelight surrounding the beast that is Jaja Swab.   Everybody should come up and check it out!  Maybe we'll get a bus or something. 

Alex and I are going to Aerosmith on December 17
- John Brooks


 Well, we all got together and played a gig recently, last week I think it was.  We played quite well, and for a really long time. If our playing was an object it would have been longer than... well, we played for a pretty long time.  I think it's safe to say that everyone in the band (no matter how little personality they have) had a good time with the awesome jam at Mike Powell's birthday party.


Recent rumors of Alex Smith writing a book called "How to Get Lucky with Any Girl on the Planet in 10 Days" are false.  Alex has never written a book, especially one with such smut as mentioned above.  However, Alex did get a new acoustic guitar, which is mentioned in the profiles on the Jaja Swab page of the site which Alex updated.  What a team player.


NEW RULE: From now on, when a member of the band writes in the band journal, he/she must sign his/her name at the bottom of what he/she wrote.  Then, maybe, what is written will make more sense to everyone and the members who currently write nothing can stop getting credit and learn to stop being lazy.

- John Brooks

We went to see Weezer and Foo Fighters last thursday.  The music and overall atmosphere were great.  The Grand Rapids Press reviewed the concert in Friday's "Your Life" section.  They hit it right on the nose with their review too.  Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) was great.  He had so much energy and the sound was loud and abusive.  Weezer did great too and Rivers Cuomo's lack of stage presence is just awesome. 


For the first time in a few months, the band will be getting together for a practice.  They plan on setting up another concert at the school in one of the coming months for a fund raiser type of thing, so keep your eyes peeled.  Comfortable shoe day was today.


The band's performance at the school on the first day was quite a hit, although nobody seemed to get the Billy Madison reference.

Well, it's six in the morning, have you had your fiber yet today?  Alex left on a vacation a few days ago.  It seems like people around here go on a lot of vacations. Music in the park was a lot of fun (even though we only played 3 songs). We have some pictures, but Alex is being lazy, and not putting them online.  If you see him, smack him on the head and tell him to hurry up. John's Grandpa's retirement party didn't have any music, because Alex, Alec, and Jon had to go sit on the beach doing nothing all day.  School starts in a week. Everyone's single.


Went to a sweet show at Soaring Eagle Casino yesterday. Velvet Revolver was the act, and they got on stage a half an hour late with a little bit of a buzz.  But they played surprisingly well anyways.  I waited an hour after the show to meet Slash, and when he came out of his trailor I yelled his name, but he didn't even look.  I hope I never do that when I become a star...
Anyways, I'll have some pictures up soon.  Until then, Here's one of the guys.

Jaja Swab has two upcoming appearances, one on August 9th at Howard City's area renowned "Music in the Park".  Bo White and the Bluezers will be headlining the performance.  The other appearance is at a retirement party for John's grandpa.  If you really wanna see us play, then just come to Music in the Park, otherwise you are going to have to pretend like you know everyone in John's family. Or just hide in one of the many luxurious bushes around the southern most pavillion at Indian Lakes!



The first band practice since John got back should be this week, and we will need it (maybe...).  Either way, it will be good to get together to play again.  John got a sweet new amp.  It's a Steve Vai signature Carvin Legacy.  It has a really deep sound, but it is crystal clear. 


Well, John has been back for about a week now.  He is very touched by his "secret admirer."  Everyone in the band appreciates positive feedback, and loves to know that they have a fan out there someplace.  Maybe this secret admirer will be the equivalent of Lee, from Tenacious D... wouldn't that be nice?
Check out Jake Shimabukuro  on the Ukulele, he is very good and can be found under the links page.  It's not Ska (Mr. Patin), but is still rocks.



6/? I dunno, maybe like the 29th
Where are you John?  Have we lost you?  When will you get back? WE ARE ALL STARTING TO GET WORRIED HERE!!!!
Ahhh, he'll be back, don't worry everybody, he is just on a really long road trip.  Willy and I just got back from Farmington Hills on Sunday and I haven't had much to do since I got back.  We went to an awesome concert featuring Los Lonely Boys and Santana down there though. Seems we cant get to an good concerts around here.  We have to travel all the way to Detroit to get to a good show.  Sorry, I don't have any pictures from the actual show, but I found a cool one online here that I added to the site. We sat about 4 miles away from the stage and I didn't bring my telescope lense.  But it was a great show and a great week.  When John gets back its time to get cracking on the album!
Well, John has been gone almost a week now, and the little "Jon" has just got back a few days ago, but now Lippy Willy and Alejandro are taking a trip down to Detroit (Farmington HIlls more specifically) to spend time with friends.  But I did receive an email from our #1 fan, who remained annonymous, here it is....


Apparently John's secret admireer is a talented artist, very touching, Who ever it is, I'm sure John will be flattered!  Anyways, I just got home from work, (Leppinks Grocery Store and OOOH so much more!) so I am tired, goodnight!


Slept all day after a hard rocking evening at Chelsea's.  It was a great time!  The other band "It's Relative" played some great stuff ranging from Tom Petty to The White Stripes, The Beatles, Elvis, Bonnie Raitt, and a whole lot more.  They were a lot of fun to listen to, and they provided much positive feedback to our band.  Anyways, it was a great time, and we are gonna kick back and all head out on vacations of our own for a few weeks here, then come back and work real hard on our new album!


6/8/05... Again

Well, it's five in the morning, and Alex and John have just finished writing every song for their first album.  Cuts will be made, enhancements will be made, and studio artists might need to be called in. 


P.S. Alex still has to write lyrics for almost every song, because nobody else can. 



Four days until Chelsea Dadd's birthday party, it's gonna be hella cool.  Everyone come, your all invited... by us.  We are losing somebody very special this week, Han Joo Lee, our Korean friend.  He is from the Southern portion, but if you told him that, he would say it is all one country!  "Just deeferent goovernment." But really, he was a great guy and a true friend.  We will miss him very much and probably write a song about him.  It will have a cool Asian vibe.  It's also very cool to be out of school!  Alex has a job at Leppinks, if you ever wanna get ahold of him and he is not at home, he is probably working like a little Cambodian boy in a sweatshop sewing up Reeboks.



Well, our website has been down for a few weeks (sorry everyone), but not that much has really happened... oh wait... ALEX BOUGHT A NEW AMP!  We are already learning new songs and writing a few of our own for a possible gig or two this summer. 



New pictures from the Tri County show this past Friday (5/20) are now available on the media page!  The show went great, and the band is looking forwards to more experiences like it.



John bought a new amplifier today!  It will be making its premier this Friday at the concert; I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW CLOSE IT IS!  I hope to see you all there; YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! It is going to be great.



Jaja Swab will be gently massaging the ears of all the students of Tri County High School once again on May 20th (which just happens to be John's birthday).  Another band that will be playing is Last One Standing. It is expected to be an awesome show, and a memorable experience. A DJ will also be present to keep the show going.  It is expected to start around 7 and go until 11. 



I added concert pictures from the Steve Vai concert that the band attended last April, the rock, you can view them in the media page.