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Jon Wilson
Band Journal
Jaja Swab

D/O/B: 2/24/91
Height: 5'12" (Almost 6 Ft.)
Weight: 100 pounds of pure muscle
Status: Divorced 3 times
Special Fact: Jon can play the guitar, and his life story is described by the Blink-182 song "What Went Wrong".

Jon is the youngest member of the band, but of course it doesn't matter.  If you ask him, he'll just tell you that "he's sexy, and that makes it ok."  He may be a stud, but he is an owner of a lonely heart as well.  He is always willing to practice, and loves white chocolate.  He is often practicing before everyone else arrives, and still going at it when we leave. 


Besides having a snazzy lighting system and cool fog machines, jon has cool red drum set.  You can push the pedals down and it makes noise and if you hit it hard enough with a stick you can write songs.  Other componants of jon's gear are 2 or 3 girls waiting backstage to meet him after the show. Also, when jon really gets excited about a gig, he puts his hair up into a cool mohowk and looks like Travis Barker. This guy puts the stud in studly and the JW in Jaja Swab.