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John Brooks
Band Journal
Jaja Swab

D/O/B: 5/20/89
Height: .002 KM
Weight: Ghastly Skinny
Status: Forest Dweller
Special Fact: Building a Top Secret guitar...which is soon to be revealed to the world

Virtuosity is the ultimate goal, and it doesn't matter how much work it takes to reach it.  John was inspired to learn ever since the first time he heard For The Love Of God by Steve Vai.  He practices endlessly, trying to stray from the same old penatonic scales, and focus more on legato licks.  Just because he is dedicated to guitar doesn't mean that he is a self centered prick, he is normally quite quiet, but can always say something funny when it's called for.


JB's gear is highlighted by  a custom made guitar with an RG body and Dimarzio pickups and a 2002 standard Fender Stratocaster with black finish.  He religiously uses his digitech RP 200A pedal, and absolutely loves his Carvin Legacy 212 combo amp.