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Steve Vai Concert Pictures
Band Journal
Jaja Swab

Sweet memories of the concert's mind blowing experience will live in my heart forever. I expected it to be good, but not perfect. Eric Sardinas was a great opening act, and Alex, Jon, and I were in the front row to witness every note that he played. I loved it when Eric Sardinas played the song called "Down in the Bottle" (or something to that effect). After playing through the entire crowd of people while being carried on another person's shoulders, he cracked open a beer bottle and played it as a slide, then dumped it on the ground, dropped his guitar in it, and lit it all on fire, playing all the time (like Hendrix used to do). It was incredible. Jon is the drummer for our band. After the opening act was done, the drummer threw out a drumstick and guess who caught it... JON DID!

A half hour later, the real entertainment began (Sardinas was good, but we're talking STEVE VAI!!! Shocked AMAZING!!!) He came out with a double necked guitar that had a mirrored surface. He threw down the killer riffs while beams of light shot across the crowd, it was a stunning intro to an unbelievable night. He played several more songs, and trust me, they were filled with emotion and tasty riffs that you couldn't help but move your feet to. Everyone in our group had front row seats (not seats, it was standing room only, packed shoulder to shoulder, he’s more famous than you think), so we were all able to experience the incredible stunts like the band playing each other's guitars or playing in complete darkness with lasers shooting in all directions.

The acoustic set was stunning. It was filled with good jokes and stories between songs. As soon as the acoustic set finished, the coolest drum solo I could possibly imagine was played. Jeremy Colson is the best drummer I have ever heard, after the show was done, when they came forward to bow he handed me his drumstick, AWESOME!

After the show, we waited for about 2 hours, and were able to hang out with all the members of the band. They were all very nice, and were willing to pose for photos and sign anything tossed at them. They all acted like it was no big deal, and gave you hope for your own music, rather than depressed that they were so much better than you musically.

I was brought to tears during this emotional trip through the music. It was worth the $32 ticket price (YES, ONLY $32), and the 5 hour driving because we took a wrong turn. I don’t care about any of that, I would do it all again in a second. Although I doubt that anyone bothered to read my long review, it was the best night of my life.












Alex has something up his shirt, he isn't really fat at all.